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M@THGAN joins - I International Congress of STEAM Educational Experiences

Mathgan Project team was pleased to participate in the I International Congress of STEAM Educational Experiences. The congress, organized by LA ESTACIÓN DE LA CIENCIA Y LA TECNOLOGÍA, aimed to bring together professionals and educators from various fields to share their knowledge and experiences in the realm of STEAM education.

The congress took place from April 12th to 15th, featuring a series of engaging sessions and workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to explore innovative approaches and best practices in STEAM education, fostering interdisciplinary learning and promoting creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

As an expert in mathematics, Iohana Cristina Udrescu has shared valuable insights and experiences during the congress. Her contribution focused on "Tech-Games-Art-Nature Integration: A Novel Approach to Enhancing Mathematics Learning in the Classroom", providing attendees with practical strategies and inspiring ideas to enhance STEAM education in their own contexts.

We have also submitted a written communication, as per the requirements outlined on the congress webpage. This communication will delve deeper into their topic, providing in-depth analysis and offering practical recommendations.

M@thgan Project was thrilled to be part of this international event, which aimed to create a platform for collaboration and exchange among educators worldwide. By participating in the congress, we contributed to the advancement of STEAM education and inspired fellow educators to explore new avenues in teaching and learning.

For more information about the I International Congress of STEAM Educational Experiences, please visit the official congress webpage at .

Stay tuned for updates and highlights from our project as we continue to share valuable resources, insights and contributions!


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