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BRIDGE identifies social inclusion as a further priority by supporting a new approach in the classrooms which sees educators and teachers carry out work no longer only ON the single learner at risk of dropping out but WITH him/her and considering his/her difficulties as a means by which to develop social skills and emotions of the class. 

BRIDGE aims to introduce a paradigm shift that shifts the focus from the individual at risk of school drop-out to the class group. It aims to support the development of the relational abilities of those who live the classroom on a daily basis and produces as an effect an improvement in the climate, an increase in well-being and mental health which translate into a reduction of the internal causes within the
learning environment that contribute to drop-out. The project identifies a twofold specific objective:


To develop IN and BETWEEN teachers and educators "meaningful relationships and values to achieve meaning and happiness in life and professional enrichment". To improve the capacities of learners at risk of dropping out, peers, teachers and educators to "be resilient, manage their emotions and generate positive emotions, develop meaningful relationships with others and create their own emotional support network, pursue their own interests".

For the purposes of transferring the results to other classes of the schools involved and to other institutes, BRIDGE creates a set of information and communication materials aimed at managers to guide them in proposing to class councils and adopting the guide for the development of capacity building and of the toolkit.
Finally, the project, which involves educators who also play the role of youth workers among its targets, pursues as a transversal objective the promotion of their recognition and the activation of cross-sectoral collaborations that enhance their role in school contexts and in parallel to teaching activity (European Commission, “Working with young people: the value of youth work in the European Union”, p.12.

Work packages:
WP1. Project Management
WP2. Capacity building guide
WP3. Toolkit
WP4. Communication and dissemination
Coordinator: Irecoop 
Reference Number: 2022-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-000089154
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