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Make Maths and Science teaching attractive!

The goal of this course is to introduce teachers to concepts and tools that focus on the pedagogical use of digital tools in the field of Mathematics and Science that enable teachers to plan better and more efficient lessons.
Participants will receive training on how to use different tools and strategies in their classrooms in order to engage their students in their own learning and support their academic growth.
Moreover participants  will  receive training in nontraditional learning methods in the classroom such as gamification, coding, STEAM etc.
Thus, at the end of this course, participants will have a better understanding of the benefits of using digital tools while teaching Math or Science and they will have improved the skills and competences that are required for effectively teaching their students. ​

  • Teachers (Pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult)

  • Teacher trainers

  • Headteachers/principals/managers of schools/ organizations offering adult education

  • Careers officers, educational guides and counsellors

upon request, based on participants needs. ​

  •  Maths, chemistry & physics

  •  New technologies

  •  Pedagogy and didactics

  •  School improvement & quality evaluation.

The main language used will be English.

 € 500,00/ participant​

  • Our trainers will use participatory approaches as we are aware that learning by doing is more effective for our trainees.  

  • As for delivery of the course we will use lecture/presentation, discussions, group work, questions and answers, demonstrations, examples of good practice, case studies, practical sessions (hands-on practice),  videos, articles, practical examples, and social discussions to work on the training tasks alongside an international community of fellow math and science teachers.

  • Participants will be given access to the material presented during the training course.

  • Each participant will be assessed throughout the course.

Day1  Sunday

Participants’ arrival. City tour. Welcome dinner.


Day2  Monday

Welcome activity: Introduction of trainers and participants. The National Education System

Participants’ presentations about one efficient method that they use to teach in classrooms: math, physics, chemistry, biology, and ICT.

Theoretical Knowledge - Mathematics and Science in the 21st Century 


Day3  Tuesday

How to better use ICT and Digital tools in the classroom

Workshop: using the software GeoGebra for Mathematics / alternative software for other Science disciplines 

Visit the park of the city where Brancusi’s monuments are.


 Day4  Wednesday

Methods that  are more fun and attractive than traditional methods?

Gamification elements in lessons

Visiting the Architecture Museum.


 Day5  Thursday

Methods in order to foster motivation of students.

Workshop: Design a STEAM lesson

Visiting a bat colony, inside  “Peștera Muierilor”.

 Day6  Friday

Finalizing the group work

Presentation of the designed lesson that includes new methods for teaching math, physics, chemistry, biology, and ICT. 

Final evaluation and conclusions

Participants’ Departure

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