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M@THGAN- Effective Ways of Teaching Mathematics through Technology ,Game,

Art and Nature


Digital agenda for Europe- Mathematics for Europe ( defined mathematics as "a soil in which other sciences, technologies and applications are deeply rooted, if we have good fruit and harvest, the soil must be cared for. The future sciences will need this new soil to grow, they will need new MATHEMATICS." Though this truth, it is obviously known that the perception of “Math lesson” among students, teachers and the society is unfortunately on the negative side. In many classrooms , students continue to learn mathematics through instructions that teach rote procedural skills without connecting mathematical concepts. The last report published on ( ) verifies that our students performances in Mathematics isn’t satisfying. Except PL and NO, the other project partner countries have low attainments of pupils in math. The mentioned EU reports showed that these problems are closely related with the lack of mathematic teachers’ competencies, especially digital, and their ability to use attractive teaching methods based on ICT which enable to promote attractive learning of math.
That's why the M@THGAN project aims to gain a positive attitude towards mathematics and to change the teaching way of Mathematics. We would like to show the students that Math is everywhere in our surroundings and if we want to understand Mathematics , we can find it in our daily lives. By this way students will learn to use Mathematics to solve daily problems.
Our main priority is serving our future, it means that without changing the perception of education according to the needs of the world, we may not take our seat among the developed countries. To succeed in these desires, we should invest in education and produce new projects and strengthen teachers who have significant roles.Teachers should acquire the competence to justify, plan, and execute mathematics teaching as well as identifying, evaluating and develop teaching materials with the aim of tackling low achievement of students and attitudes towards mathematics, motivating and inspiring their involvement in mathematical activities and dealing with their difficulties in Mathematics.

The project will focus on changing the school concept in order to improve mathematics instruction. Teacher will gain new teaching methods and will learn how to integrate these techniques and methods into their lesson plans. With one of our MOOC which will be free, teachers will be able to collaborate with their European colleagues and they will learn by peer learning while strengthening their Professional skills.
With the LTT activities and local activities, we will show to teachers how to make Mathematics learning real and hands-on besides showing to use appropriately digital technologies to facilitate learning through engagement, differentiation, collaboration and application.
To Achieve of our desired objectives, we planned 3 TPM, 4 LTT,6 Multiplier Event for promoting results such as Classroom activities guideline for teachers(R1), M@THGAN game (R2), and MOOC M@THGAN ( R3) and local activities such as field trips for using museums, galleries as educational value, outdoor activities, local workshops to teach other Math teachers after each LTT, Designing a Math games corner in schools and dissemination activities.

Intellectual outputs:
R1: Classroom Activities Guide
R2: M@THGAN Game
Coordinator: Asociatia Edulifelong
Reference Number: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-SCH-000032641
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