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FUTURE CLASSROOMS' LEADERSHIP project aims to fill the digital competence gap of the participants in the educational process by practical knowledge sharing on utilization of digital tools for education. The project is focus on promoting partners' 21st century skills, technological skills, critical thinking skills, teamwork skills, and international awareness of teachers and students.

At the end of the project, our aim is:
1 Bigger involvement of teachers and students in digital education
2 To increase the usage of technology in education at the end of the project
3 To improve communication and collaboration skills in teachers
4 To help teachers to address the risks and opportunities of digitization
5 To increase the capacity of partner institutions by improving their digital literacy
6 To provide economical, easy and fast access to educational content for students with fewer opportunities
Within the scope of the two-year project activities, the methodology in the implementation of the activities will have a collaborative and participatory path based on communication and experience-sharing through 21st-century educational approaches. Our project will contain a total of 5 LTTs and 2 Transnational Project Meetings as wall as other project activities.
During the project three Multiplier Events will be organized on the topic of “Teaching in the Future Classroom!”. At the final, TPM-The Documentation of the Whole Project and Sharing of the experiences and outcomes will discuss the achievements, results, and sustainability of the project.
Participants will practically explore ICT tools. Hands-on workshops and collaborative group work will allow participants to understand and assimilate the content actively.
Intellectual Output
As an Intellectual Output, a guideline (the Guide for Future Classroom) will be created to serve as an inspiration to other schools and teachers. A clear guideline may help them to have the correct image of the Future classroom for planning and creating the future classroom. Intellectual Output will be studied throughout the project with the collaboration of partners by a distribution of the topics among all partners.
All partners have an area of responsibility for the successful implementation of the project activities which include proposals for the project logo, logo contest, Erasmus + Corner, dissemination on the eTwinning page, also video, questionnaire, photo album, games will be created with web tools related to each event.

Read more in project brochure!

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Intellectual output:
R1: Guide for Future Classroom
Coordinator: Publiczna Szkoła Podstawowa nr 4 z klasami sportowymi im. Ireny Szewińskiej
w Pułtusku

Reference Number: 2021-1-PL01-KA220-SCH- 000032614
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