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Be aware

"BE AWARE" is a project of an international youth exchange concerning the subject of outdoor environmental education methods. It was implemented jointly by the Sempre a Frente Foundation and the partner organizations- Ayuntamiento de Alaquas from Spain and Asociatia Edulifelong from Romania. 

The main aim of the project was to increase the awareness of environmental awareness, initiative and dialogue among people aged 14-16, in the field of promoting pro-ecological activities and the idea of sustainable development through practical skills acquired through outdoor methods and through peer education. 










The project involved 2 main activities: youth exchange and preparatory visit. During the exchange participants have increased their teamwork skills, create and prepare educational and ecological events, and gain the valuable competences needed for a conscious and safe relationship with nature, and to promote and disseminate environmental awareness and knowledge related to the rest of society. 
Participants of the exchange have worked out together key principles of taking care of nature and every workshop day will summarize in an attractive and innovative way that they will present at the picnic - apart from environmental education, participants will invite guests to play ''upcycling" board games; host them with home-made lemonade and cookies and will present each country and its culture in an interactive way. The final event as well as the whole exchange was supposed to contribute to promoting active and creative leisure activities by young people, active involvement in local community initiatives, and promoting the idea of taking care of the environment and the idea of sustainable development. 

Participants have gained knowledge in environmental and nature education, food safety, peer education, culture and traditions of partner countries. They have also improved their skills in: creative thinking, initiative, shared responsibility for ecosystems, survival, culinary workshops, planning, preparation and implementation of educational picnics, communication and team work, promoting their ideas and activities, communicating in English, Stressful situations. 
Project activities were carried out in Nasutów and in the surrounding green areas of Kozlowieckie Forrests. 

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Coordinator: Fundacja Sempre a Frente
Reference Number: 2017-2-PL01-KA105-039191
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