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Hand in hand for health

Right now kids and teenagers are spending more and more time in front of the computer and TV. Sedentary lifestyle took place of physical activities. According to the numerous researches about nutrition and eating habits of kids and teenagers, obesity is on the rise, as well as eating disorders and with that unhealthy lifestyle. According to the statistics, 17 % of Slovak kids and young people between the ages 6 – 16 have no breakfast. The number of youngsters that are regularly eating sweets for snacks and have irregular lunch, is rising, with rising age. This situation is not indifferent even to the young people themselves. That's why we have prepared this Youth exchange which took place from 9th to 15th July 2017 in Obručná, Rimavská Sobota area. 











The aim of our exchange was to explore the situation in the partner countries, when it comes to the lifestyle of young people. Thanks to our activities during Youth Exchange, participants have reflected on their own experience and developed motivation of being responsible for their own health, raised their interest about healthier lifestyle and healthy eating habits. By doing interactive activities they have extended their knowledge about health inducing food and drinks, they have realized how important physical activity is and have learned easy excercises, that can be used anywhere, at any time. During the exchange they prepared together a brouchure with recepies of easy to make, healthy food and drinks. 

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Coordinator: IPCR RS
Reference Number: 2016-3-SK02-KA105-001111
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