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Delete the risk!

The project "Delete the risk!" aims to increase the knowledge and skills of youth workers to work effectively with young people who have dropped out or at risk of dropping out of the educational system. In response to the actual needs of the four partner organizations have set achievable goals: Increase the key and specific knowledge, skills and competencies for youths at risk and their families, introducing best practices from partner countries to build and work in an international informal network. Project partners are organizations from Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia - three recently adopted countries members of EU and France.  











The training  included theoretical and practical working sessions involving various interactive methods: brainstorming, discussions, group work, solving case studies, simulations and role plays. The work program included a new approach to assessing the upgraded new knowledge and skills: "questionnaire diary" created in advance and includes the questionnaires, tests and other self-assessment tools by the participants. The results will be analyzed by the expert team of trainers to be done and external evaluation. 

In out-turn training networking and practical workshops on this topic, will be built an informal network of NGOs working on the issue of removal of young people from the educational system with an online platform for exchange of information knowledge and cooperation. Participating youth workers will acquire foreign language, multicultural and team skills, which will work more effectively for their organizations and will have a greater chance for his future career. 

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Coordinator: ICAN
Reference Number: 2016-3-BG01-KA105-035306
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