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Youth Involvement in Flight and Migration

Our project aims to identify the problems of immigrant youth and the opportunities that can be achieved by immigrants, and to contribute and contribute to the development of strategies for them. For this reason, determining the attitudes of young people towards the immigration problem at local level and approaching these problems with their perspective can help to develop policies on a wider scale. The main purpose of our project is to share the work, practices and projects that youth workers working with immigrant young people can carry out and carry out with youths in their own countries in relation to the immigration problem.











Our sub-objectives of our project are as follows: 
1)Dissemination of efforts to increase opportunities for migrant youth through sharing information and experiences on the diversity of immigrant, refugee and asylum-seeker status, 
2)Establishing a study environment comparable to that of youth workers by identifying causes of migration of young people in the regions we are working with, and comparing these with reasons for migration / migration in different geographies, 
3)Supporting quality development in institutions and organizations by transferring the research methodologies that the youth workers have made by choosing the sample of the immigrants, 
4)Development of the international dimension of youth activities by raising awareness of the advantages of a multicultural working environment. 
Our activities will take place with a total of 32 participants. These participants have been selected from institutions and organizations in an impartial and democratic structure that can act in the youth field and actively promote dissemination activities. Particular preference is given to the coexistence of immigrant and migratory countries among the participants in terms of reflecting different perspectives. Our activities will be carried out using qualitative research methods (case study), discourse analysis, phenomenology, focus group interviews and other non-formal teaching methods. 

As a result of the project participants are expected to acquire learning outcomes for the misconceptions in the global conjuncture and to improve their attitudes, to pass on their achievements to the youth they are studying, to reach competence to conduct case studies on immigration problems, to develop constructive and positive attitudes and behaviors in response to prejudice and negative opinions against immigrants. Thus, our target group will be able to capture a semantic and phonetic expression opportunity by diversifying the methods of expressing themselves through the development and dissemination of projects. At the same time, the examination of the concept of multiculturalism will greatly facilitate the elimination of misapplications, which may be related to alienation over our target group. As a result of all our activities, transnational cooperation will be provided and thus contributing to the development of institutional capacity and quality.

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Coordinator: Yenimahalle Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu
Reference Number: 2017-1-TR01-KA105-040978
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