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War and Peace II

The European Union is experiencing one of the most complicated periods since its creation. Terrorism and violent extremism are on the rise and suppose a serious challenge to the European democracy. The risk of radicalization of national politics is really high and we can observe the first examples of extremist parties in some of the national parliaments. 

Extremism can only be defeated by a united Europe. The future of the moral, social and political challenges associated with this problem depends mostly on our ability to mobilize young people full of creativity, enthusiasm and determination to spread peace, being resilient to extremism and intolerance.  












During the eight-day exchange, there will be 54 young people from 9 countries who will jointly examine the reasons and impact of extremism in Europe and will look for solutions to successfully prevent or eliminate this phenomenon. Youth Exchange should also equip young people with skills and abilities to combat extremism, promoting their active participation and leading them to the active, European citizenship. The project is addressed predominantly to the first time voters, in order to show them that extremism and radicalization are not the way. 

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Coordinator: Obciansky romsky institut
Reference Number: 2017-2-SK02-KA105-001411
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