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Through your eyes

The project "Through your eyes" took place from 17th to 26 th July 2017, nearby Kružberk dam in the Moraviansilesian region. There were 7 countries taking part in this project: Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Malta, Germany, Portugal and Romania. Together there were 52 participants, including 11 leaders and 3 metally diabled people. 
It was an international youth exhchange, which focused on the topic of diversity and the problem of disinformation on the Internet.  











The main aims of this project are following: 
The project will help young people to understand the differences in the society and it will lead them towards more tolerance. There will be done a lot of workshops, which will focus on this topic. The workshops will be about religion, race, metally disorder and and during these workshops will the young people have the possibility to speak about their opinion and get to know the opinions of other. 
Second aim is to introduce the problem of the desinformation at the Internet and teach participants how to fight it in their lives. We will do a lot of practical tasks, so that particpants can improve their skills in recognizing fake news. 
During the project we will work with wide spectrum of methods: with methods of non-formal learning, self-reflection, different kinds of workshops where youth will discuss and use also the method of brainstorming. There will be also visits of Frydek-Mistek and Opava, we will work also with outdoor activities (climbing, activities connected to water, canoeing, hiking, etc.) We will also work with energizers and ice-breaking games which will be organized by other participating nations. We will also work with a method of "cultural evenings", during which will participants with the help of informal learning learn more about other European cultures. 

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Coordinator: Babylonie
Reference Number: 2017-1-CZ-KA105-035225
Project documentary
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