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Familiy INvolvement in CHildren’s early
education and care


The disparities in dropout rate among partner countries, favor the best practices and methods exchange in the present project's context between schools placed in different countries and the contribution to tackle ESL in disadvantaged areas.
The partnership in this project intent to develop different innovative approaches to help schools, students and families/parents to prevent ESL. We will work with systems, methodology and concrete tools to improve communication between school and families/parents. Project will work to improve pedagogic at schools, to enable students to have homework easier to deal with alone or together with parents. Finally, the project will develop software/App, which will collect data suitable to give schools
early warning about students in danger of being an ESL.
Since the project is transnational, the ability to understand cultural contexts in using developed tools, will also be an important result of the project.
Project will conduct a joint Staff Training, where teachers and staff from partners work through developed material to get an ownership to it. Then the schools will carry out a pilot, testing all or elements of the tools to harvest experiences and necessary feedback to complete both methods, educational tools and the software.
Outputs will be translated into the national languages and in English to be easily adapted to schools from other countries and disseminated through different channels, including social networks or events. Over 2000 people (students, family members and teachers) in the activity’s implementation, in order to validate the quality and effectiveness of the planned outputs.
Long-term benefits will be the creation of a family engagement model at European level that effectively connects parents/carer with pupils, mean increasing families participation in their learning.
By doing this, pupils’ achievements at school and adaptation to school will be better and Early School Leaving will be reduced in areas where ESL rates are high. School staff will improve their link with parents and families, their pedagogic activities and early warning system. Schools will improve their services’ quality and the link with families and local community, playing an integrator role in then society.

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Intellectual output:
O1 Family Engagement Methodology for schools
Coordinator: Veksttorget AS
Reference Number: 2019-1-NO01-KA201-060249
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