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LEAD – Learning in difficult Times

The aim of the project called “Learning in difficult times” is to break the prejudices of educators working in the field of adult education and to draw attention to the use of tools such as skype, zoom and blue button in adult education.
According to European Union criteria, an adult is anyone between the ages of 25 and 64. As the world population ages,the importance of education given to adults increases.However, adults have different needs than students in formal education.Again, the time adults spend on learning is different.Adults have different budgets for learning.Adults have different learning methods.Adults focus on individual learning rather than group learning. They act according to their own learning speed and needs.Their motivation is very high.They have experience and use this experience in new learning.Adults learn more easily than students in formal education, provided that there is sufficient time and opportunity.It is easier for adults to access learning tools and learning technology. Adults have strong economic resources and money. However, adult learners are not as practical as younger learners in using technology. In fact, they are more distant to technology and innovation than young people.For this reason, adults need to be convinced of the importance of lifelong learning and to break their prejudices about the difficulty of using technology.Education services have been disrupted in many countries due to the coronavirus process. Due to the suspension of education and quarantine practices in schools, approaches such as home learning or self-learning have come to the fore.This situation necessitated the use of educational technology and distance education tools. Adults who are not prone to technology and prefer face-to-face education have had a hard time in this process. For this reason, it becomes very important to enlighten adults about educational technology and to use technology by adult educators and people working in the field of adult education.Thanks to the use of technology, learning difficulties can be overcome. 

Intellectual outputs:
Coordinator: Sakarya University
Reference Number:  2021-2-TR01-KA210-ADU-000050028
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