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The ERASMUS+ project "Methods for Inspiring Non-formal Education on Decarbonisation" is a 26 months KA220-SCH - Cooperation partnerships in school education. 

The problem of climate change and the fight against it are now part of our everyday life. We must be aware that we are facing a global environmental and social problem. To raise awareness of the global situation and the urgency to act, we need to start an awareness-raising activity for the next generations at a young age. This is why education is key to developing climate-awareness. Coal regions are particularly affected by climate change, as the environmental impact of mining is a major concern for the region, however mining traditions have a great history, and they became part of the region's identity as a cultural heritage.
The aim is to create an awareness-raising program involving an innovative methodological toolkit focusing on climate awareness, highlighting the importance of coal-phase out, and preserving the mining cultural heritage of the region as a local tradition.

Objectives: The main goal of the project is to develop a method for inspiring non-formal education on decarbonization (toolkit and educational material). To reach these goals, firstly the examination of educational system and development of the attitude test will be carried out.
Partly based on the results of the attitude test, another goal of the project of the development of a non-formal educational material that can be easily used for awareness-raising in primary schools and in the first year of secondary schools. The main topics of the educational training material will be the climate awareness, link between the mining and climate change and mining heritage. The non-formal educational material will be tested in the framework of a pilot programme in primary schools in three different countries. In addition, in the framework of the project a train the trainer program will be set up.
Train the trainer program will be carried out by the schools participated in the pilot programme.

Work packages:
WP1. Project Management
WP2. Corners of playground
WP3. Development of non-formal educational material
WP4. Pilot and ‘train the trainers’
WP5. Communication and dissemination
Coordinator: Üdvözöljük az Eszterházy Károly Katolikus Egyetem 
Reference Number: 2023-1-HU01-KA220-SCH-000162070
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