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Social Detox


The Youth Exchange “Social Detox” gathered 40 participants from Czech Republic, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Estonia, Hungary and Greece.
The program of the exchange took place in Thessaloniki, between the 28th March-4th April 2015 was focused on the way of learning by non formal education
Rapid technological changes have brought in reality some overestimated new social needs like constant social media interaction. The use of social media has become integral to our daily routine and only few people are aware of the negative consequences of this action in social, physical and mental field. Social detox is an initiative to explain to partners the contemporary problem which slowly is taking worrying dimensions, social media addiction. For this project we chose Thessaloniki, second biggest city in Greece which plays an active role in supporting young people and European youth projects. There were 40 participants from these countries : Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Turkey, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, and Greece. Using many activities, we will try to explain to these participants that they should not confuse reality with virtual reality. The use of social media and also in some extension the use of technological devices such as smartphones, tablets, ipads etc., expect lack of body movement, body stability. This is why we will try to organize some sport activities in our timetable which will spot the difference between doing something with and without any body motion. Other activities which will take place are presentations, cultural visits, cultural nights where all participant countries will show their culture and present their country, activities between participants which will give them the chance to talk and discuss about the subject and conversations with which participants will make clear which is the right and healthy way of using the social media without becoming addicted. At the end, there also will be a drama workshop which will give participants the opportunity to show their drama and theatrical- creativity skills and last but not least a flash mob in the city centre in the final day of project aiming to sensitise the effect of social media addiction to other people and other inhabitants. Specially, with this flash mob, we will try to help participants understand the crucial meaning of cooperation, working together to make effect of solving a social problem and publicise the big impact of European projects throughout the city. All teaching skills which will be used will try to establish a strong connection between participants and their potentials, will help them gain some experience and new abilities to play an active role in the community, society, personal, economical and social development.















There will be a lot of cultural inputs in our project. After all the work is very fun and enjoyable moments we think will emerge. In activities designed to express himself more and more, socialised, society and the dynamics involved youth profile would like to contribute to the formation. Art and nature are aware, this awareness of the importance of these two concepts together have noticed, seen as a part of the art of living, rose to the highest level of environmental awareness contribute to the formation of youth profile is among the goals of our work.
Greek culture and hospitality at its best way to introduce, to break preconceptions about our country and young people in our cultural structures of the European Union countries also important to note that we will be able to transfer the title to include.
They end with + the Erasmus program offers young people opportunities to spread nationally, particularly at the local level, including, project to develop long-term partnerships and Erasmus program for the capacity building activities of our goals is to make the project.

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Coordinator: Group Cube
Reference Number:2014-3-EL02-KA105-001802
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