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Secure Internet, Real Freedom

The main purpose of the project is to spread the use of safe Internet for students and families, surveys, seminars, posters, films and activities.
While demonstrating how useful and functional it is when technology is used correctly, it will show how it can affect our lives when we go beyond its intended use. With our developing technology, our life has become easier and it has become a tool that captures our students. Students are getting lonely in a virtual world. A world without technology is not possible, in this project, we teach our students how to use technology tools correctly and protect them from harm.
The target group of the project is students aged 9-14. The partnership is made up of 6 different countries; Hungary, coordinator), Turkey, Poland, Lithuanian, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania. Communication is provided by online platforms such as eTwinning and e-mail. Teachers and students will have the opportunity to develop basic skills such as the use of ICT technologies and establish international cooperation with their colleagues. In order to reach the targets of the project; international meetings, pre-test and post-test, seminars, workshops, posters, films, brochures etc. activities to be carried out. Outputs of the project; website, brochures, e-book, survey results, distribution chart, etc.
Main goal: to contribute to solving a universal problem by informing students and families about different activities about safe internet use. Expected effects of the project at both local and national levels in terms of both teachers and students; over-use of technological tools, awareness about the European dimension of education and internalization and active European citizenship, promoting international co-operation, developing basic skills. The project is helping to meet different cultures and implement wide-ranging integration. During the hospitality of foreign students, our students become more open to other cultures and nations. This can create tolerance and openness for both students and teachers.
The project will contribute to the accomplishment of a European educational safe internet use education in collaboration with different actors interested in forming the next generation of tomorrow’s Europe.

Intellectual outputs:
Coordinator: Kállósemjéni Diákokért és Ifjakért Egyesület
Reference Number: 2019-1-HU01-KA201-061212
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