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The main topic of the project is handicraft and different art techniques. The project aims at sharing new ideas among young people. Participants will exchange good practice on recycled art. They will learn how to create crafts using free and cheap materials. They will also discuss topics related to ecology and other environmental issues. Young people will have an opportunity to get to know different points of view, various ways of thinking and living. Participants will exchange their experiences, thoughts and knowledge about their culture. They will learn from each other and get an inspiration which will help to develop their artistic skills.














During the exchange group members  learnt about different artistic techniques and crafts, about the traditions of other countries, will meet with representatives of various professions and reflect on linking their passion with the labour market.

Activities were conducted by the participants for the participants, they used informal methods of learning. The effect of the exchange was getting to know other cultures and developing their passions and artistic skills. One of the main goals of the project is also to acquire new knowledge of international cooperation in the learning group and to develop organizational skills.

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Coordinator: Chrzescijanska Sluzba Charytatywna Oddzial Lodzki
Reference Number:2015-3-PL01-KA105-023026
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