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1st students exchange, Sofia

Under the Erasmus + program "Safe Internet, real freedom", 4 school students and 2 teachers participated in the international students exchange, which took place in Sofia, Bulgaria during December 8-13, 2019. The hosts have prepared many interesting and attractive workshops, most of which concerned the safe use of the Internet .

During their stay in Sofia, project participants visited the capital, including National Historical Museum, Cathedral of Saint. Alexander Nevsky, Orthodox church of St. George. They also participated in handicraft workshops at the Children's Center and chocolate making workshops.

A visit to the Technology and Interactive Park turned out to be very attractive for students, where they could not only see a lot of scientific help, but also do the experiments themselves. Equally pleasant moments all the implementers of the "Safe Internet, Real Freedom" project spent in Plovdiv, a town that in 2019. received the status of European Capital of Culture. They visited here, among others Ethnographic Museum, containing exhibits related to the history of Bulgarian crafts. The culmination of the visit was the Evening of the Presentation of Cultures, or Culture Show, during which all the countries participating in the project (Turkey, Lithuania, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland) presented their traditions and customs. All project participants also took part in a number of seminars and meetings on safe behavior on the Internet and returned with the knowledge that misuse of it carries many risks. Before leaving, students filled out a survey about their knowledge of safe online navigation. After returning, they completed a survey summarizing the trip and work on the project.

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