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Kick off meeting for ERASMUS+ project “With a little help”

The first transnational meeting of the ERASMUS+ project “With a little help” took part from 18th to 21st of August 2021 in Sosnowiec (Poland). The participants were welcomed by the hosts – Jurek Wolny and Jakub Wilnoy– and the group walked around the institute for children with special needs.

The guided tour in the institute was very helpful as we were introduced to different techniques and therapies used in order to help students with more severe intellectual disabilities.

The next part of the day was dedicated to the introduction to the project: expectations, norms of partnership, overall idea, official requirements and distribution of responsibilities.

The next day of the kick-off meeting was dedicated to presentations of all the participating institutions (incl. experience with ERASMUS+). Additionally, all the attendees gave a short description of their professional carrier and the link with the subject of the project With a little help.

Dates of next meetings and deadlines for completing tasks in the project have been decided as well.

There was also the opportunity to explore cultural aspects of Poland, a group had visited the Silesian Mines while another the Auschwitz Museum.


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