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FINAL transnational project BLENDED meeting

Project: Transformative learning through the prism of environmental sustainability

FINAL transnational project BLENDED meeting (due to covid-19 emergency) 28 July 2021

The partners of the project “Transformative Learning through the Prism of Environmental Sustainability (www.terralearning)” met in Stockholm on Wednesday 28 July 2021 for the Stage 3 of the Transformative learning path in 3 stages “let’s create the climate for…change”, in a blended way, with the physical participation of representatives from the Swedish Partner (host organization) the Romanian Partner and the Serbian Partner, while representatives from the Italian Partner (project Applicant), Belgian and Hungarian Partners have taken part in video-conferencing, due to the persisting covid-19 Emergency and difficulties in traveling to Sweden.

This final transnational project meeting has been an opportunity to showcase and discuss the outcomes of the works carried out as the follow-up of meeting n° 2. In particular the Partners have presented and debated in detail the works they carried out, to identify and exchange those good practices based on the following:

- European Institutions and initiatives to connect environmental sustainability and lifelong learning;

- How to communicate synergies and interactions between environmental sustainability and preservation and valorization of cultural and natural heritage;

- environmental sustainability and the disadvantaged groups and the potential of cultural heritage to support adult education initiatives for minorities;

- innovative teaching-learning processes through the narrative environmental sustainability as well as possible benchmarking of the project’s good practices to other existing training methods for adult education;

- environmental sustainability for regional and local development, implemented trough private-public partnerships.

The project has been conceived and is implemented by the following Partner Organizations: Ten For Sustainability (Project Coordinator, Italy), along with Fondazione Ki An (Belgium), Asociatia Edulifelong (Romania), Tudás Alapítvány (Hungary), Europski klaster Alpe Adria Pannonia (Serbia) and Nordic European Mobility (Sweden). The project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

Ten for Sustainability


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