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“Innovative Curriculum and pedagogy in STEM disciplines” 3rd LTT in Stem for All

The first day of Stem For All project meeting , entitled “Innovative Curriculum and pedagogy in STEM disciplines” started with a short tour of Kavala on our way to the Conference room. We started discussing the best ways of planning Stem lessons and exchanged the good practices with our partners.

Each partner has presented a Stem Activity plan, with details of how it was implemented, objectives, methods used etc.

Of course we have also worked in mixed groups in workshops like “Stem and environment: focusing on real life problems” , "Engineering project: building a roller coaster ".

During the last day we have had time for evaluation, certification and also discussion sessions needed to defining the last details for the STEM curriculum and pilot implementation.

We have also learnt a lot about Greek culture during the week spent there thanks to our lovely hosts.

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