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Art Competition

Art competitions are a great way to explore your creativity and express yourself visually. Artistic works also help build teamwork skills and are a great way of decorating school, clubs, and communities. Our art competition is a really fun way of reflecting on a Safe Online Environment – perfect for these times when most of students and teachers are learning from their homes.

The theme for our Art Competition is: Together for a Better Internet. You can use this as a theme or choose an online safety theme of your own. 

How to Enter the competition:

  1. To enter the competition, you must be a student. All nationalities are welcomed to join.

  2. Only one entry per person.

  3. Your Artwork should be A4 so that you may send a good quality scan, but other formats will be accepted.

  4. When your work of art is ready, you or your teacher should send an email to : or .

  5. Do not forget to write your full name, your school, city and country. 

  6. When emailing it to us, please use ‘Secure Internet, Real Freedom- Art Competition’ in the Subject Line.

  7. All authors will receive a Certificate of Participation, while the winners will be awarded a Diploma and a symbolic prize.

  8. Teachers may send in the same email, the Artworks of more students.

  9. Last day when you may submit your entry is November 30th, 2020.

  10. Competition results will be announced December 4th, 2020.

Disclaimer: "Secure Internet, Real Freedom" project team reserves the right to use the entries for promotional reasons. The best ones will be included in a Guidebook, mentioning of course the authors.


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