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About us


Asociația Edulifelong is a non-profit organization founded in 2013, which promotes an alternative to the actual educational and training system, a different way of understanding the teaching-learning processes, by offering high quality non-formal education and also training to adults (mainly teachers but also youth workers) as well as young people.

Our Association assists young people to apply for local, national and European funds and enables them meeting other youngsters through the planned project and activities. We are doing our best to help them to acquire personal and professional growth.

Our activities cover the three main areas: non-formal education, education for personal development and professional training.

Through the planned projects and partnerships, our association aims at involving young people, regardless of their social status in activities at local, regional or transnational level. In order to achieve our goals we intend to organize activities and events such as: meetings, workshops, training courses, seminars, conferences, street events, festivals, youth exchanges etc.

Our aim is helping them to take an active part in our community’s life, to widen their possibilities to become a responsible citizen in the European Union.

Using non-formal education methods, we promote the transmission of knowledge and know-how by dealing with projects about topics connected to contemporary cultures, young entrepreneurs, health and sports, equality for men and woman, green environment, tolerance and European awareness.

We operate in three main directions:

– as facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise with other international organizations through debates, conferences , trainings, meetings etc

– as fostering youths’ expression by organizing participatory projects or guiding those carried by youth

– as a training and networking space at a local and European level.

Our managers have a long career in schools, educational services, adult education, international Comenius and Grundtvig projects and also as teachers.

Our main office is in Târgu Jiu, capital of Gorj County. The office has a part for the professional and administration work, but we also use an open air community place for youth to gather to play games, listen to music, etc.

We have useful services like:  math club, language club, CV and motivation letter counseling, international club etc.

Enjoy our video and learn more about us.
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