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Activities and services


Our activities cover the three main areas: non-formal education, education for personal development and professional training.

Sending to Europe

As a partner and Sending organization, Asociatia Edulifelong performs the following activities:

- Supports the coordinator in planning, drafting and project management;

- Promotes the project 

- Selects the youngsters willing to participate in the youth exchange abroad;

- Prepares the group for the mobility: activities to inform youth about non-formal methods used in transnational mobility projects, social and pedagogical training activities, meetings where tasks are being implemented, organisation of Cultural Evening etc; 

- Coordinates the departure of the participants by organising and managing all trips; booking tickets and insurance.

- Planning the programme with the European partners;

- Making thee assessment of the mobility project;

- Supports the preparation of all Mobility documents and delivery of certificates (Europass / Youthpass depending on the type of project).

- Disseminates the project results.

Training for teachers, staff

Asociația Edulifelong promotes an alternative to the actual educational and training system, a different way of understanding the teaching-learning processes, by offering high quality non-formal education and also training to adults (mainly teachers but also youth workers) as well as young people.

Our programme for the training for teachers and staff fosters on one hand the beneficiaries opportunity to share personal experience and knowledge, to acquire practical abilities, on the other hand to learn from the experiences and best practices of the other trainees. 

We organise various activities like: courses and conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops, job shadowing, study visits etc

Currently in our offer you may find two face to face courses: one for math and science teachers, one for any teacher interested in Moddle and one free online course.

Hosting in Targu Jiu

Since 2014 we are working with different European programs, above all Erasmus+ KA1/KA2. We are oganizing activities in the centre of Targu Jiu, as well as in the nearby cities/ villages, such as Tismana. 

Asociatia Edulifelong is prepared to receive youth, youth workers, teachers, students, professionals from all over Europe.

Asociatia Edulifelong is able to provide multiple services as a project partner: airport transfer, orientation meetings, accurate monitoring, booking of accommodation, arrangements for local transports, 24 hours emergency support, cultural and sports activities, monitoring and evaluation, final reports, certificates, Youthpasses and Europass.

As Applicant/Coordinating organisation we develop the following activities:

- Search for international partners;

- Design and write the project with our partners;

- Assure an efficient management , evaluation, dissemination and project coordination.

-Write report.

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