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Call for partners: YE about traditions

The project will focus on inclusion and promotion of cultural diversity.

We believe that art, culture and traditions are an important part of the cultural heritage and we need to protect them and bring them to life. That is why we want to implement this project and to encourage project leaders, youth workers and young people to explore folk art and traditional crafts.This project will bring together 40 participants and 8 leaders to participate in the planned activities of this youth exchange. The goals that we have set are: - Increased awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries among participants, enabling them to build networks of international contacts, to actively participate in society and to develop a sense of European identity and citizenship; - Strengthening language skills of participants; - Encouraging intercultural dialogue; - Promote debate and dialogue around European and international issues, such as globalization and its effect on national identity and cultural diversity; - Developing life skills such as self-esteem, interaction with others, rejecting prejudices and racism; - Increasing European mobility.

If you are interested in joining us, please send us, your PIF at, before January 20 2017, focusing your description in the mentioned topic. Also answer this questions: 1.Please describe for each planned activity the background and needs of the participants involved and how these participants have been or will be selected. If there are participants with fewer opportunities please give information about their profile/background. 2. What is the expected impact on the participants, participating organisation(s) and target groups? 3. Which activities will you carry out in order to share the results of your project outside your organisation/consortium and partners? What will be the target groups of your dissemination activities?

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