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Kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ Project Secure Internet Real Freedom

We have oficially started the implementation of our new Erasmus+ project, 2019-1-HU01-KA201-061212, entitled "Secure Internet Real Freedom" and we have hosted the 1st Kick-off meeting in Targu Jiu.

For two busy days, 7 and 8th November 2019 we have worked hard to achieve our objectives. We started with a welcome speech by Romanian hosts and Hungarian project coordinator, followed by short presentation of each participant.

After that we have set concrete deadlines for activities scheduled in the first quarter of the project, thus for the next 6 months. We decided who will be the responsible persons for the intellectual outputs. We have signed the original contracts between the coordinator and each partners.

We declared the deadlines of the tasks and decided about the dates of the 2nd LTTA. We have agreed on the use of Dropbox for the sharing the project documentation. We agreed on excel sheet for the project management.

The meeting has ended with a farewell dinner and handing the certificates for participants of 1st kickoff meeting.

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