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„STEP (STEM to environmental problems)” project held in Poland to solve deforestation problems

The first team that has won our Science Fair Competition held in May 2019 has represented Asociatia Edulifelong at the 3rd students exchange hosted by OBEZ, one of the partners in this Erasmus+ project, „STEP (STEM to environmental problems)”.

Day one started with games to get to know eachother. The prepared activities by the Bulgarian team have entertained everyone and contributed to building a positive atmosphere between us. Next, there was a visit to the biological faculty of the University of Adam Mickiewicz, in the campus. An amazing collection of specimens that is exhibited and used by students; a charming teacher who loves his job and he can make you fall in love with the little creatures... Here we saw giant turtles, remains of mammoth, wonderful collections of butterflies, python skin, stuffed critters and heard extremely interesting stories. A competition related to the deforestation of the planet and the damage of this process was organized after his lecture on the same topic. Then we followed him outdoor to study the diversity of insects nearby. In the afternoon hours, students had fun with new games, through which they were divided into working groups for the next days, and then we all headed to the old market of Poznań - a historic place with a unique charm.

Second day of the project meeting started with a lecture about zoos and their role to protect the ecosystem. After that our hosts took us at an old zoo wherewe could observe: fish, amphibians, birds, monkeys and some other animals. We had the opportunity to go through the artificial jungle inhabited by different animals, and discuss about the pros and cons to this kind of institutions. In the afternoon hours, we had STEM classes held by Turkish experts in which, through informal techniques, various environmental problems were localized. Later, each of the parties - participants presented their activities on the project from the previous meeting in Romania until now. The activities ended with games, prepared by the Latvian, Bulgarian and Romanian team.

The third day started with a lecture about deforestation and then we have started the journey through the forest in order to reach our home for the next two nights.

Here students had more interesting Stem classes around the concept of Fibonacci's series and how it is reflected in nature surrounding us, on human built objects inspired by nature and physics phenomena. The activities ended with a competition to recognize different specimens

by observing their leaf.

Thursday morning started with a visit to the Vielen-Municipality and we had a lovely welcome meeting with representatives of the local administration. After, we went to the forestry high school in the area. It was located in the forest, in a former castle. We were welcomed with special music in which students use only the air, but not their fingers to create a wonderful harmony. In a nearby building, we had the opportunity to visit an interesting museum with stuffed animals showing the forest in the different seasons, and the typical activities carried out in it to ensure the sustainability of the forest. In the afternoon hours, students had the opportunity to work practically on solving tasks prepared by Turkish experts. It followed the two museums located in barns in the very yard of the farm where we were staying. One - Military, full of tanks, cars, different machines, weapons, dummies in uniforms, guns, grenades etc the other - with old furniture from the past of Poland, from the time of socialism and comunism. The evening ended with a typical polish dinner, short theatre played by students, provocative environmental thinking, prepared on each side, and campfire outdoors with sausages.

On Friday it was time to sum up what students have learnt during their time in Poland, for certificates to be offered and to say Goodbye to Polish team while travelling back to Poznan.

We have spent last night in Berlin before returning home.

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