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STEP (STEM To Environmental Problems) is the new KA201 project that we have started

Environmental problems are among the main problems that concern the whole world. Unfortunately, many of the different institutions' work on this issue is only about raising awareness of it. Providing a solution to this problem with engineering based disciplines will provide mutual benefits. It will draw attention to realistic solutions to environmental problems and engineering approaches which is a field that students generally do not prefer. With our project, we aim to produce engineering-oriented solutions with STEM understanding to real environmental problems.

The objectives of our project are: to establish the theoretical framework, to ensure that different countries cooperate with each other in order to solve environmental problems and to develop solutions to global problems by acting from close environmental problems. In other words, to provide solutions to solve big problems with small STEPs.

The main activity methodology is the context-based method. In our project that we started with the understanding of STEM, different solutions will be developed according to specific context. Our main activity, which first started with theoretical frameworks, will then be transformed into practice and contributed to the development of creative solutions.

This project has been developed in collaboration with institutions from Latvia (Austrumlatvijas Tehnologiju vidusskola), Turkey (Eskisehir Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu and SEHIT MEHMET SENGUL FEN LISESI), Poland (Osrodek Badawczo Edukacyjny w Zielonowie) and Bulgaria (Institute Perspectives) and has been funded by the Latvian NA, through the Erasmus+ programme.

Follow us for more details.

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