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Asociatia Edulifelong hosted a training for trainers

From 4th to 8th September 2018 in Targu Jiu, Romania, Asociatia Edulifelong hosted trainers from Norway, Great Britain, Turkey, Spain and Italy . There were 5 days of intense work, but fruitful for the development of the two years, Erasmus+ project, IBSPE.

The official opening of the training started early in the morning of Tuesday 4th with a short welcome speech by Iohana Udrescu on behalf of Edulifelong team and one from Jo Sakariassen, the project coordinator. After, everyone introduced themselves, we initiated the materialization of the course.

We started by getting everyone acquainted with using Moodle as managers in the first day. In the following days we have changed the roles and by rotation each played the student/ facilitator while completing the activities planned in the six Modules of our future MOOC: Digital Literacy, Numeracy, Reading and Writing, Oral Communication, Media Literacy and Critical Thinking.

Our course participants have also had the opportunity to get an insight of Romanian Culture and History while visiting Tismana Monastery and the Thesaurus Museum, Transalpina and Curtisoara Architecture Museum.

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