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Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship in Sarajevo, Bosnia

The second mobility, part of our Capacity Building project "Social Entrepreneurship- Take Step Forward"- a seminar started on 27th of May and ended on June 4th. It took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and hosting youth workers, youth leaders and educators from 9 countries from WB and EU countries, including Romania.

Activities in the agenda of the week included getting to know each other games, team building, social entrepreneurship in my country presentations, intercultural evening, NGO fair, debates about The Role of Youth Organizations in the Process and also Is Cross-Sectorial Cooperation the Key?, Open Round Table with Representatives of Local NGOs/Community, visits to other organizations that deal with Social entrepreneurship, like Novi Grad Municipality of Sarajevo and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Sarajevo. Many other interesting activities were organized using non-formal education.

It was such a great experience for our 3 participants!

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