From teachers to facilitators and moderators of a student-centered learning process


The course is structured in 4 modules, each with two online phases. The modules are build on one another and impart competencies in order to create manageable and practical „appetizers“ that offer individual support to the students.

In the participants group there were acquired jointly, step by step, ways to transfer to the new teaching role, useful online-tools  and so on till alternative assessment methods and transferred in the teaching practice. The maximum 15 participants will be  guided through the whole course by an experienced moderator.

The target group is formed by teachers that are already working in the classroom for a number of years. The focus of the course lies on the jointly discovering and testing of new possibilities, tools and methods for individualised teaching and their reflection.

Each of the four modules starts with an approach to the modules subject using multimedia  prepared presentations and activities. In a virtual learning room on the LMS MOODLE there are following a number of online-activities (called „eTivities“), partly in cooperation, partly in self-study to be executed. In the centre of the online-phase 2 stands the transfer and testing of the learned in the classroom. The implementation is documented and will be reflected jointly at the end of every module – for example in a synchronous live-online-session.

Read more here and contact us in case you prefer to attend a face to face training. In case there are enough participants we may organise a special session that fits your needs. The session may be organised in Italy, Austria or Romania.